Discover Our Educational Toddler Child Care in Waco, TX

We pride ourselves on our commitment to nurturing growth

As a child, you're constantly observing your surroundings. This includes interactions, conversations and emotions. Finding the right environment for your child is immensely important because you want to foster their curiosity in the world and support their learning process. Sanders Academy for Excellence in Waco, TX is a great environment for your toddler.

Our toddler child care focuses on supporting children between 18 and 35 months old. We balance recreational activities with fun educational exercises. We're committed to helping your child thrive during these early years. Contact us today to enroll your child in our day care.

Supported by a research-based curriculum

Supported by a research-based curriculum

Although every parent wants their child to have fun at day care, we view our day care program as an opportunity to instill wisdom. We use the Frog Street curriculum to help your children develop while they're with us. If you're looking for a toddler day care that focuses on teaching...

  • Letters
  • Numbers
  • Colors
  • Sounds
  • Shapes

...our day care is perfect for your little one. Call 254-752-5437 now to speak with one of our dedicated staff members about our enrollment process.