Enroll Your Children in Our Pre-K Program in Waco, TX

We'll help prepare your children for kindergarten

Every child needs love, support and fundamental education. At Sanders Academy for Excellence, we offer a variety of programs to assist your children in becoming the best individuals they can be. Our dedicated staff provides guidance and assistance through our pre-K program that will help prepare your kids for their next level of education.

We primarily focus on teaching children reading, name writing, basic words and basic math. Through our attentive pre-K program, we'll set your children up for success. Our program utilizes the Frog Street curriculum to assist with growth surrounding:

  • Cognitive developments
  • Gross and fine motor skills
  • Social skills
  • Language developments

We're dedicated to providing your amazing children with the tools they need to flourish. Contact us today to enroll your children in our pre-K program in Waco, TX.

Learn more about our after-school support program

Learn more about our after-school support program

By investing in your child's education, you're giving them the foundations they need to continually succeed at every milestone in their life. We understand that entrusting us to educate your children involves a lot of trust and mutual respect. We don't take this lightly!

Our after-school care program is a supplemental program designed to support your kids outside of our regular programs. After-schoolers can grow and play, and they have:

  • Homework time
  • Desks to work at
  • A strong support system

This program is also an opportunity for your children to continue to develop their social skills. Call 254-752-5437 now to inquire about our after-school care availability.